My Animal Rights weekend in LA
Written by Reggie   

There's one thing you may or may not know about me...I love animals. I do my best to be an activist and help educate people on the cruelty animals endure whether it be in a factory farm, puppy mill, pet shop, or in the big truck you drive next to on the freeway on a hot day filled with panicked cows. There are many horrible things that happen to these creatures.

Several weeks ago I tuned in to the show 30 Days: Animal Activism. This hour special spoke a lot to me and I was moved greatly. I contacted the animal activist host of the show, Melissa Karpel, and she was very nice and helpful to questions I had.

This is a clip of the show (I encourage you to download the whole show):


This past weekend I went to LA to play a show. Melissa Karpel and her friend Lindsay Rajt from PETA were there to support me which meant the world to me.


Ironically, the next day I was at another show, and another notorious animal rights activist was there: Alicia Silverstone. I couldn't help myself from walking up to her and telling her "thanks for all you do for the animals." It's so true. It's wonderful when celebrities use their popular role in culture to help educate about situations like this.

Be sure to check out Silverstone's very helpful website:

Thanks for getting to know me a little better and hear about the things that inspire me in life and in my music.


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