Melancholy - the "fertility of pain" - is what makes the music of Sacramento area recording artist REGGIE GINN so impactful.  Her songs are woven with a defiant hopefulness, the sound of a life without fear or despair, where her listeners can look their pain in the eyes with the knowledge that healing and happiness are around the corner.  "It is amazing to be able to give a listener a song that makes them not feel alone, or that helps word their dilemma in a way that they never could.  I suppose in a way I am an interpreter for those lost in an unexplainable struggle" GINN says of her role as a songwriter.  "I am proud of my work in that it can comfort those who are aching."

Overtop sparse, plaintively gorgeous piano melodies, GINN explores themes of love, loss, heartache, and ultimately, joy.  Her songs are confessional and drenched in conviction from her early influences, PJ HARVEY, OURS, STINA NORDENSTAM and COUNTING CROWS.

Steering the whole ship is GINN'S dynamic, evocative voice, which soars and swoons in tandem with GINN'S unbridled emotions.  She can be as bombastic as EVANESCENCE’S Amy Lee, as haunting as PORTISHEAD'S Beth Gibbons, and as crystalline as IMOGEN HEAP sometimes all within the same song.

"It is all about making the listener feel what you're singing," GINN says of her emotive music.  "My music is a therapy for me to get out the feelings and emotions that plague my mind.  It does hit people very close to home much of the time."

GINN taught herself how to play the piano around the age of 17, working her poetry into her musical meanderings to form what would be her first complete original songs.  She made her public debut at the end of her senior year in high school, to great acclaim from her peers.  She started her song writing career in 2005, competing in the West Coast Songwriters Competitions, and winning a combination of best performance and best song writing ability.  GINN has since made her mark at world famous venues like The Viper Room, The Knitting Factory, The Brixton in Redondo Beach, and The Derby, has done in-studio interviews and performances at radio stations like L.A.’s revered Indie 103.1 and Modesto’s B92, and performed live on the Good Day Sacramento morning news feature multiple times.

GINN has performed at many events including the national Twilight conventions in Seattle, San Francisco, and Sacramento.  She won a 2010 Modesto Area Music Award (MAMA) for best unplugged artist, and in August 2010 she opened for Lisa Loeb in Los Angeles.  GINN also made it to the top 20 of the Lilith Fair hosted by Sarah McLaughlan and has been asked to perform at the GoGirls Music Fest 2010 in Reno in December.

She has released two full-length albums both of which have their own personal sound.  The first includes just two band members (her and her piano) which she calls her “second voice”.  The second album is more experimental and includes a full band on some of the tracks. 

“My songs are my soul”, GINN said, explaining where she gets the ideas for her lyrics.  “They naturally come to me from deep inside.  ”As Marvin Gaye once said, "Great artists suffer for the people” but for GINN, in the end, the miracle of melancholia always wins.

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